Tests of gauge parameter independence with the non-linear gauge fixing condition

As described in the paper we have made a comprehensive gauge test on 26 processes. The full list is found here.
The test for each process is presented in a table, like the one below for e+e- to W+ W-. The different entries (x,0,0,0,0)
and (0,1,x,0,0) refer to the sequence of the non-linear gauge parameters (alpha, beta,delta,epsilon,kappa). The entry x means that
the check is performed in that variable, where all other parameters have the values given in the sequence, either 0 or 1.  In other words we check that the cross section is independent of the parameter x. When doing this check
we also allow for one more parameter to be non zero (set to 1), all others are set to zero. The full table therefore takes into account all possible cross
products of the gauge parameters.


clicking on any entry of the table gives the detail of the check. To help read each check let us give as an example the check and give  comments and explanation on its contents.

The example for ee to ww

The full listing of 26 processes