MUSE: a MUltiscale Spectrum Evaluator

Table of Contents
1. Background of Spectrum Evaluators
1.1 Position of the problem
1.2 Existing Spectrum Evaluators
2.1 Getting the code
2.2 Installing
2.3 Running
2.4 Scanning
3. Some results
This document discusses the SUSY spectrum evaluator software that is available, and explain the specifics of MUSE.

There exists an assortment of evaluator packages, some considered to be the ultimate word. Their main advantage is to be integrated in famous events generator packages: IsaJet and Pythia, which are considered ``industry standard''. Nevertheless, comparing these two shows discrepancies of 3% in the squark sector.

In the Higgs sector, most evaluators are coupled to the popular routine(s) of Carena and Wagner (see also Wagner). The more recent routine FeynHiggs and its simplified version FeynHiggsFast have not yet found their way in a full spectrum evaluator.