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on a scalar-charm production and its decay at HERA

Y.Kurihara, V.Lafage
Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization(KEK)
Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305, Japan

Faculty of Engineering, Seikei University
Musashino, Tokyo 180, Japan


We calculated cross sections of a scalar charm production in the framework of an R-parity breaking SUSY model at HERA experiments. A scalar charm is produced by tex2html_wrap_inline486 collision and decays into tex2html_wrap_inline488, which followed by tex2html_wrap_inline490, tex2html_wrap_inline492, and tex2html_wrap_inline494. Cross sections of an exact calculation using the GRACE system are compared with those from approximation methods with and without spin correlation.

1998年07月06日 (月) 12時50分17秒 JST